Tradition: Walking the Jewish Republican Path

Frustration With the Republican Party

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve had to reconsider how I’m going to spend the little time I have available as an activist. Frankly, if that is what the country wants, so be it. I’ve been focused on different things and changes in my personal life, work, etc. Also, I’m not pleased with the Republican party right now. They seem to have a commitment to losing and barely even try. They’ve forgotten that the core of the Republican party is Conservatism. They need to get back to TRADITION (whenever tradition appears in this blog, I sing it like Teyve in Fiddler on the Roof).


Getting Back On My Spiritual Path

Speaking of TRADITION, I’ve busy working on creating the anti-fascist blog as well as walking my religious spiritual path toward getting my Jewish “baptismal certificate” if you will. Due to a technicality, I do not have to convert because of my family history but I will for the experience. Since most of my readers are Christian, I’ll describe what the process is like. Unlike other religions, you don’t just declare yourself Jewish. One very important thing about Judaism is it’s about bringing the spiritual into the physical… everything you do can be for G-d and the betterment of the world. Tikkan olam – healing the world – is a major tenet of Judaism. It can take years of study to become proficient in Hebrew & Torah. Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible. You have to become part of the community and self-identify as being Jewish. You also spend about a year under the supervision of a rabbi, take courses, etc.

I just completed the Union for Reform Judaism course but it’s a bit too liberal for me. I think I need more tradition (cue Tevye). So, I’m looking into taking the courses to convert with a Conservative rabbi. Also, “Conservative” is a movement in Judaism, kind of like how Christianity has denominations. Here, I mean Conservative as in sticking to tradition (cue Tevye again), rather than a political belief. In other words, I’m a Conservative Jewish Conservative :p After your rabbi feels you’re ready, you sit before a beit din and answer questions. Then, you go to a place called the mikvah and do a full body immersion while saying a prayer in Hebrew. It’s a private thing, between the convert and G-d. I’ll then prepare for an adult bat mitzvah, which I hope to do in Israel someday.

So yeah, busy times. But, it’s worth it. I hope to be back writing about political stuff soon but it’ll be very limited.

Busy Since June

Wow I just noticed that I haven’t been here for a while, since June??? Wow. Just wow.

Anyway, as you can guess, I’ve been busy, quite busy. Work, spiritual stuff, and dealing with the onset of what I can only describe as pre-diabetes aka “The Diabetes Monster Is Coming To Get You.”

Oh, I am going to meet someone famous later this week… provided I can get downtown in time. I’ll write more on that later and hopefully get a picture or two. It will be great research for one of my other blogs.

Went back to the 2nd Intro to Judaism class last Sunday. It was fun and we had a good discussion on the holidays and the nature of God. I’ll write another blog about that another time. We had really good sandwiches from Schmaltz Deli in Naperville. Yes, they deserve a free plug on my blog. GO. THERE. NOW!!!! Also, it looks like I found the Sephardic family line, which is coming from a part of the tree I wasn’t expecting. Need to do more research BUT if I am right, conversion is not necessary. I can just go to Israel without it.

Election 2012… yeah, planning my parachute. This blog is meant to be more of a light thing, no heavy politics here. BUT I’m not paying Obama‘s taxes. He can kiss my ass and I’d enjoy the chance to tell him in person to sit and spin.

But yeah, I’ve been trying to get the house organized. I do ok for a while but then I get hit with a diabetic coma for a few days and BAM the house gets screwed up. Seriously, there are days when I cannot get out of bed. It sucks. I started putting up new curtains and need to finish. I did the downstairs living room and now need to clean the carpets. Ooh, the loft is actually usable. I still have crap to sort through and to clean the carpets.

Which reminds me, we adopted a new kitty in August! Her name is Callie Kitty and she is a poofy Calico. She is 12 and loves to eat everything lol. She and Puddy still fight a little, but it’s just hissing and swatting. Neither has front claws.

Oh well, need to get back to stuff. TTYL!