Remembering the 1980s

Remembering the 1980s

Thoughts On My Reagan Era Childhood

As a child of the 1980s, one thing I remember is that there were a lot of tragedies. Planes and boats were hijacked, the space shuttle blew up, and we bombed Libya. And, of course, there was the Evil Empire – the Soviet Union. We also were coming out of a horrible recession going back into the 1970s. Very difficult times and we needed a leader who could not only be an Obamaesque motivator but also a uniter who got things done. As the “Great Communicator,” President Ronald Reagan inspired Americans to be proud of their country. We got through those times and we will get through today’s events as well. In his first Inaugural speech, Ronald Reagan said,”And why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans.” Since “we are Americans,” we can survive the tough economic times following the Carter years. Thirty years later, after ANOTHER useless Democratic Administration, we are again on the downside of the economic cycle, praying it doesn’t get worse.

We were the first ones; we were the last ones.” – The Buggles

We also had many innovations that later led to the world we live in today. Kids my age “wanted my MTV,” rollerskated to “Thriller,” and, yes, we wore neon clothing with 5 inch high bangs and leg warmers. We also experienced 24 cable news where we watched hijackings, the Gary Dotson trial, and even the US House in session. We wore contact lenses, went from 8 tracks to records to cassettes, used computers in the classroom (YAY turtle!), and thought that Pac-Man was the epitome of video gaming excellence! It was a great time to grow up. We didn’t have political correctness nonsense. We played outside, got dirty, and the term “play date” was simply ridiculous. We played cops and robbers with toy guns and rode our bikes without helmets – GASP! We knew our neighbors. Our parents raised us and gave us the inspiration to one day be better off than they were.

Defining the “Reagan Republican”

What exactly is a Reagan Republican? A ‘Reagan Republican’ remembers this tradition of optimism, patriotism, and love of God and country. A ‘Reagan Republican’ believes America is a shining city on a hill, even if her current leaders may tarnish her with their ineptitude and selfishness. Not only does a Reagan Republican believe in America, but also in the American people. We respect our Constitution and believe in giving the personal touch with a side of humor.

America indeed has a rendez-vous with destiny. I created this site to remind those who were there and to educate those who were not what it was like to have a President who INSPIRED you to want to be the best because you are an American.

This site is dedicated to the memory of President Reagan and to the hope fo the American people. Hopefully, the beliefs that he embodied will never die.

** This site virulently opposes racism and anti-semitism. Such nonsense will not be tolerated here. **

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