About the Editor

Jennifer Madeleine Brower, Editor of ReaganRepublican.com

Hello, I’m Jennifer Madeleine Brower and I’d like to welcome you personally to ReaganRepublican.com. This site has been in a constant state of change since it’s first inception back in 1999, especially now with the recent changes within the party. I have been surrounded by politics all of my life. On my father’s side of the family, I am a distant relative of former President Andrew Johnson and have stubbornness in my blood. I am a direct relative of George Fox, a revolutionary of his day who founded the Quakers. George Fox is related to John Smith, founder of the Mormons. I’m a Jewish Republican. I’m a fiscal Conservative and believe in small government. I believe all are welcome in this country to seek asylum, come out of the shadows, and have a better life. I am a unicorn in my party now. I started ReaganRepublican.com in 2000 and will be podcasting again sometime soon.

My Background

Political Activities

From 2001-2002, I served as the first State Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois. I am a proud supporter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, US & Illinois Holocaust Museums, Anti Defamation League, and Simon Wiesenthal Center. I have been active as an officer in the College Republican chapters at Northern Illinois University and a charter member at Moraine Valley Community College.

People & Causes I Support

My political heroes are Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Clare Boothe Luce. (My main hero, though, is my father James Brower.) My personal pet issues are low taxes, fiscal responsibility, firearms, victims’ rights, domestic violence awareness, ending the welfare cycle, and advocating for Israel. I am a virulent opponent to xenophobia, racism, and anti-semitism. Socially, I am more libertarian – without the kookiness.

Education & Business Background

I have 15+ yrs experience in the IT industry as a Programmer and Project Manager. In 2011, I started Brower Technology, LLC, an IT consulting practice. In 2007, I earned a Masters in Information Systems Management with distinction from Keller Graduate School of Management. I earned a 2nd Masters in Project Management in 2009. I have a BS degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois University and speak French, German, and Dutch. In May, 2008, I passed the PMP exam on the first try and earned the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

Community Activism & Hobbies

I have been active in Rainbow Girls, a community service organization, since 1985. Other hobbies include self publishing and writing fiction, politics/community activism, media production, golf, wine tasting, and travel. I also like to write and have self-published two poetry books. In my “spare” time, I work to fight anti-semitism and domestic violence. I live in Naperville, IL with my daughter, cats, and parakeets.

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