Ye Olde Political Limerick Post (Repost)

My brain is fried

So I have tried

After the Iowa event

To take time to vent

So I can put some thoughts aside…


For Clinton (From my archives):

There once was a man we’ll call Slick.

Let’s face it, the man was a hick.

We hear he conspired,

To have Monica fired.

This man with a cigar is just sick.


For Algore:

He walks in a misty haze

Of environmental waste.

He drinks the kool aid

Gorbachev has made

To Force Communism on the States.


For George W Bush:

The Patriot Act

Keeps Govt on our backs

You stupid globalist doof

Can you give me proof

That this has stopped attacks?


For As We Enter 2012:

Borders borders

Light bulb hoarders

Presidential debate

Iranian threats escalate

And all I have are quarters.


For Occupy Wall Street:

Fleas are gross

What I hate the most

Is that you think

You don’t stink

After leeching off of your Soros host.


For the Paulbots:

Your hat of tin

Your tiny brain is in

Has got to be too tight

Spraying vinegar in the sky

At pot induced chemtrail visions.

Copyright 2012 Parakeet Street Media