Romney Gets 85% of American Votes In Israel; Affecting FL & OH

Awesome awesome awesome! The outreach to the Jewish vote is working! Even the head of Democrats Abroad in Israel is supporting Romney after voting Democrat for her entire lifetime! Baruch HaShem!!!!!!

More good news is that the Orthodox & observant community is growing! And, the early reports are showing that Obama is expected to get 49% of the Jewish vote. In 2008, he received almost 80%. I really hope all of the hard work within the community will pay off and we will reach my under 50% goal.

Be a mensch; vote for Mitt!

From the Guardian UK:

Most Americans living in Israel have voted for Mitt Romney, poll finds

Votes from American-Israelis could make a difference in swing states, according to iVoteIsrael campaign group By Harriet Sherwood

“Eighty-five percent of the 80,000 American-Israelis who registered to vote through iVoteIsrael backed the Republican candidate, the survey indicated. The organisation claimed that in states where the race is tight, expatriate voters from Israel could make a significant difference. Around 7,500 Israelis are registered to vote in Florida, and 3,500 in Ohio.”

“…voter participation had quadrupled from the 20,000 Israelis who voted in 2008, and that between 20% and 25% of all overseas votes this year would come from Israel.”

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Ye Olde Political Limerick Post (Repost)

My brain is fried

So I have tried

After the Iowa event

To take time to vent

So I can put some thoughts aside…

For Clinton (From my archives):

There once was a man we’ll call Slick.

Let’s face it, the man was a hick.

We hear he conspired,

To have Monica fired.

This man with a cigar is just sick.

For Algore:

He walks in a misty haze

Of environmental waste.

He drinks the kool aid

Gorbachev has made

To Force Communism on the States.

For George W Bush:

The Patriot Act

Keeps Govt on our backs

You stupid globalist doof

Can you give me proof

That this has stopped attacks?

For As We Enter 2012:

Borders borders

Light bulb hoarders

Presidential debate

Iranian threats escalate

And all I have are quarters.

For Occupy Wall Street:

Fleas are gross

What I hate the most

Is that you think

You don’t stink

After leeching off of your Soros host.

For the Paulbots:

Your hat of tin

Your tiny brain is in

Has got to be too tight

Spraying vinegar in the sky

At pot induced chemtrail visions.

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